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Nova Scotia has every business advantage you need. Educated workers. A thriving tech sector. And a location on Canada’s East Coast – halfway between the Pacific Coast and Europe – that offers global reach and modern infrastructure.

What truly sets Nova Scotia apart is that all of its many business advantages are backed into something unique: a tight-knit community of authentic people who make work feel like anything but.

Explore what’s possible in a place where outstanding teams can accelerate, invent, and create like never before.

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Our research group’s goal is to increase the energy density and lifetime of Li-ion batteries, so we can drive down costs in automotive and grid energy storage applications. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Tesla, a company that’s so well- aligned with our research.
Jeff Dahn, FRSC Professor of Physics and Atmospheric ScienceNSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research ChairCanada Research Chair

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Any company that’s looking to expand in North America should seriously consider Nova Scotia. They should look at all the elements – the geography, the infrastructure, the workforce.
Pete Selleck Former Chairman & PresidentMichelin North America


Michelin North America investing approximately $14.3 million in Pictou, Nova Scotia to install an innovative semi-finished manufacturing process – new equipment that will be the first of its kind in North America. Michelin is eligible to earn an Innovation Rebate over $3.5 million from Nova Scotia Business Inc. as a result of this investment.

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We work with other start-ups in the battery and solar sectors. Every day you learn about a new business that's doing something exciting in the region that could have an impact on the world. Nova Scotia has the potential to provide the talent and innovation required to build new businesses.
Image of Chris Burns
Chris Burns CEO, Novonix

We bring a lot to the table.
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We have a skilled and accessible workforce.

With 10 universities and 13 community college campuses, Nova Scotia has more university students and graduates per capita each year than anywhere else in Canada, ensuring a steady stream of top talent. When talent is needed from elsewhere in the world, our immigration-friendly policies are a huge advantage. In fact, we welcomed more newcomers in 2018 than ever before, reflecting a strong commitment to immigration.

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Our business costs are quite competitive.

According to FDI Benchmark, Nova Scotia has significantly lower operating costs for electronic component manufacturing when compared to key competitive jurisdictions, including Reno, Detroit, Hannover, and Boston.

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We offer strategic incentives.

From R&D tax credits to accelerated capital cost allowances, payroll incentives, and innovation rebates on capital projects, Nova Scotia’s incentive mix is strong for innovative and export-driven companies.

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Our R&D climate breeds innovation.

With 10 research-driven universities, world-class research institutions, and a competitive tax credit, Nova Scotia is one of the best places in Canada to conduct R&D — just ask one of the 3,000 public and private sector scientists who live and work here.

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We have a diverse economy.

Many of Nova Scotia’s clusters have natural synergies with other sectors, creating a variety of opportunities for businesses in ocean technologies, marine defence, energy, and advanced manufacturing.

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Everything you need to succeed.

Strategic Location. Our location on Canada’s East Coast provides easy, fast, and reliable access to world markets. And because we share the same workday with the United States and Europe, this can translate into improved productivity for companies in Nova Scotia.

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Smart energy leadership. Nova Scotia Power promotes innovative new technologies that will allow businesses to be more active participants in the electricity system and is building a utility that is more nimble, more innovative, and more customer-focused. They are working on projects involving smart meters, micro-grids, and electric vehicles, partnering with industry leaders like Tesla Energy, Opus One and Modern Grid.

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